Monthly Archives: March 2014

Kelly & Michael Big Day

樣子甜美的Kelly和高大有型的Michael, 確是一對璧人! 他們都很Nice和斯文, 還記得他們當日下午在教堂及睌宴時, 感謝來賓並互相表達彼此內心說話, 非常真摰, 我亦深受感動!  Michael雖昂藏六尺,但看到他對Kelly非常關懷細心,  兩人拍照時彼此不時流露的幸福笑容和眼神, 真的羡剎旁人!

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Olivian & Sam

Sam is a devoted football fan and he loves this sport very much.   Their photo shoot started with Shek Kip Mei Soccer Field not only because he simply enjoys the setting, but also this is a place where their love originated.

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