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Eman & Will’s Big Day

新郎Will是多年前我映的一位新娘子之弟弟, 當年他仍是一個小伙子, 今日已是一個昂藏六呎的大丈夫, 我很高興在婚禮當日再見回他的姊姊, 姊夫和家人, 像見回舊朋友一般的親切! 結婚像是人生另一個起步點, 由一個人變成兩個人一起生活, 二人一心, 一起向幸福的道路邁進.

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Elaine & Willie’s big Day

When I was photographing Elaine and Willie’s Wedding Day, I saw that they have a lot of special decorations, and felt that they placed great importance on their Big Day.  They placed a lot of thoughts into games too. The most laughable moments were when the bride got played too, the whole ceremony was full […]

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