Monthly Archives: June 2012

Lilian & Andrew’s Big Day

Lilian’s appearance looks like a Korean.  There were no traditional tea ceremony nor morning games, so we had more time to take more photos for her.  In the photos, she was overflowing with marriage longings, expectations and happiness.”

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Wedding Magazine Interview

近期接受了Wedding Magazine (婚禮雜誌)訪問, 刊登了一篇文章, 訪問期間, 自己亦表達了對拍攝婚禮及婚紗照的心態,  希望每幅相除為他們帶來一個回憶亦能帶來一個祝福, 而婚禮雜誌之編輯像洞悉我的意思, 在文章內竟寫了一首詩:  一幅贈勉緣份可貴, 一幅寄語執子之手, 一幅染上幸福甜蜜, 一幅祝君白頭偕老.  的確在我眼中, 婚紗和婚禮照並非單純的照片, 而是滿載信息和含意………

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